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Heavy-duty Mining Machinery Industry is Integrated

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According to the China Machinery Industry Federation"machinery industry (heavy machinery) integration of the two levels of development assessment report" shows that heavy-duty mining machinery industry in China, integration of the two stages in the application of integrated enterprise --- the depth, the average full Labor productivity was 894,000 yuan / person, and in the local application stage and the initial stage, this figure was only 516,000 yuan / and 464 thousand yuan / person.

However, information from the current development process of the machinery industry perspective, most enterprises are still in the information stage of the individual business applications, only some large companies began to integrate direction of collaborative information, few companies have tried on the depth of integration . Meanwhile, there are information technology industry, capital investment less than normal, "light maintenance " is widespread, difficult to in-depth management information, "information island" to be integrated, and many other problems and deficiencies.

Therefore, to further promote the integration of the two Chinamachinery industry, companies need to dig on the basis of their needs, follow the law of development of information industry, increase the depth of integration in terms of integration and coordination of inputs:
Promote the development of information technology to enhance the capability of independent innovation, optimize R & D process, strengthen the integration and integration of digital R & D capacity building platform, which is Chinamachinery industry to achieve self-innovation, from the low end to high-end value chain, the key link.

Promote the production process information, and improve the modernization level of production, enhance the capacity of the production process management and control integration, will help improve Chinamachinery industry production efficiency and quality, improve products ability to respond quickly to market.

Promote the management of information, and promote management innovation, building capacity of digital management platform, will help promote Chinas machinery  industry, business intelligence and decision support systems applications to help enterprises to establish a scientific decision-making and risk control systems.

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