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Precious metal smelting-Gold, silver, platinum, palladium (ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium)

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After various processing methods to produce gold concentrate powder, adding KNO3 oxidant and silver and borax. Using high temperature induction melting furnace, when the temperature rose to 700 ℃, Mao gold melting, furnace temperature to 1000 ℃, melt began to boil, the residue was floating state, incandescent bright gold sink calm, when heated to a temperature of 1250 ℃ - 1350 ℃, surface brightness slag liquid darkens, to slag liquid several steak, production of pure gold. The total process is through the melting and melt the excess sulfur compound oxidation removal.

Electrolysis method was adopted by the direct smelting of gold deposits in Tongguan, cathode direct smelting gold-silver alloy due to its original design of the alloy to steel wool, gold and silver is not easy to separate when not sell silver valuation, steel wool once used mixed with slag, the cost is too high. Instead of water electrolysis steel wool, the gold-silver mud, general grade of 22-28% gold, 15-20% silver, gold and silver separation in reaction, copper, iron, silver slag into solution, while the gold does not dissolve, reddish brown state exists, then the gold mud washing, drying and solvent refining.

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