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In April.20th 2009, the dressing equipment installation technical team in the Philippines triumph back to factory, finish the task smoothly.

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My factory in the first half of last year exported to the Philippines chromite ore dressing equipment in the arrival of the last August. Our after-sales service personnel and mineral processing engineer in October to the country for equipment installation and commissioning work. In the first arrival at the site field deserted, everywhere weeds born again, but we a line of four staff efforts to actively cooperate with local technical personnel for more than six months of fighting hard, and finally finished the this project all engineering, and the trial production of machine, and all the indexes reach the expected standard.

Our customers gave us a thumbs up "GanDong people good". My factory technical team triumphant return today. To meet them is more of a challenge next project - known as the horn of Africa "somaliland" titanium ore dressing project proposal.

Relevant pictures



                The Philippines chromite dressing plant construction                                          The Philippines chromite dressing plant completion put into use

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