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high purity gold refining / Smelting process

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Such is high purity gold refining 

Illustration: 999 pure gold you should all know, want to? Below to introduce you to gold from ore to solid gold refining method. (gold) in the corner of the exploitation of gold ore forming, gold is generally divided into the primary ore and oxidized ore. 

Illustration: mine excavation down from the mountain to heap leaching, venues, number varies with the size of the storage area, storage area at the bottom as far as possible the content such as compaction are out of rocks will have 2 or more sewers, covered with striped cloth again, the drain on wood and bamboo fence, ore heap. 

Illustration: after good ore heap laying grass to erect pipe and nozzle, using sodium cyanide solution and alkali solution erosion (the former is used to mine gold in the latter is to protect the former will not loss too fast) to spray water containing gold molecules through the drain into the barrels containing activated carbon (hereinafter referred to as carbon) in making gold molecules are charcoal adsorption, stay mine cicc molecular flow through or suck up the carbon into the next process. 

Illustration: followed by charcoal burning process, from the barrels of carbon in a large iron pot with air blower for charcoal burning into ashes, activated carbon is a very resistant to burning charcoal on general so a pan of charcoal to burn around 15 hours. 

      Illustration: carbon into pulp are after burn, gold has been in the pulp are, as you can see oh.

      Illustration: yellow dots is gold!

Illustration: carbon residue that is after the break to lead oxide (orange) and borax (color) with salt and stir evenly.


Illustration: the mix of carbon residue in the tao sand filling and calcination, furnace temperature as high as 1700 degrees.


Illustration: 1-2 hours after calcination, carbon residue dissolved into liquid mixing water can be out of the pot, and after cooling down the carbon residue has and lead into gold at this time to fill the bottom on and available.


Illustration: the carbon residue has become slag, slag after cooling into the glass shape, small new add pure lead to knock it do calcination has try to extract gold.


Illustration: this is leaded gold after calcination.


Illustration: next is blown lead step, put leaded gold in large pot filled with cement, coal or coke above, with a fan to blow then stop blowing its natural heat up to 1300 degrees above, it is lead evaporate gasification, the process will take 2 to 3 hours.


Illustration: lead the gold.

Illustration: blow after the lead for the purification steps, put blown lead after gold in a pottery cup can make gold melting furnace temperature plus, then continuously to join green six ammonia borax and impurities from the gold, this part need more than 1 hour, can also be more purity purified repeatedly until 999 pure gold.

     Illustration: 999 pure gold oh ~ ~ ~ ~

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