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Experience a bit of gold leaching-Gandong Mining Equipment

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Gold has been found in nature are about 98 kinds of minerals, there are 47 kinds of common, but there are only a dozen industrial true then use value, mainly inter-compounds with other metals, such as silver gold, gold and silver ore, bismuth gold ore, silver, copper gold, manganese, silver, manganese silver gold, platinum-containing native gold, etc., followed by telluride (such as tellurium, gold, tellurium, gold and silver ore and other needle), square gold antimony, selenium, silver ore and so on.

        Gold and silver mine in determining an election before the extraction process, must first thoroughly understand the characteristics of the ore, if the degree of oxidation of ore deep fissures, good permeability, is suitable for heap leaching extraction, or pool dip. If the ore dense hard, poor permeability did not even permeability, not suitable heap leaching, agitation leaching after grinding only.

        For refractory gold, such as: arsenic bag gold, sulfur coated gold, gold and carbon ferromanganese silver, refractory first have to figure out what the reason? Find out the cause, there are signs of sexual take action, such as Applied Electrochemistry, leaching chemicals, metallurgy and so on mineral oxide activation, refractory gold recovery rate can reach 90% or more. Such as strengthening the alkaline leaching pretreatment Arsenic Mine, Mine first carbon-carbon inhibitors on mineral aggregate preconditioning normal leaching in acidic medium silver two-stage leaching of manganese, can obtain satisfactory leaching effect .

        Gold leaching in the production process, especially in relation to the leaching of difficult to leach gold, the use of leaching agent added is very effective, is also necessary. Leaching leaching system by adding additives can improve gold leaching recovery, shorten the leaching time, reduce drug consumption. General aids include: auxiliary agents, oxidizing agents, complexing agents. Mineral adjuvants structure from damage, or improve the wettability of minerals, the role of the exposed gold coated. Thus in contact with the leaching agent for gold leaching create favorable environmental conditions. Oxidants play for the gold leaching system is stable, relatively long, slow-release effect of nascent oxygen, which has a stronger oxidizing power of oxygen. Complexing agents form complexes with metal ions, reducing the incidence of side effects reduce the consumption of gold extraction agent.

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