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Conveying machinery and belt conveyor

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The main part, crushing work, of metaling production equipments are crushers and vibrating screens. Meanwhile, some optional equipments work among these machines and serve as transformer. During the crushing process, choosing suitable conveying equipments and feeding equipments, which are the indispensible parts in modern stone crushing process, is significance to improve the efficiency of the whole crushing production line.-Jiangxi Gandong Mining Equipment Machinery Manufacturer Factory

Conveyor equipment plays a role of bridge and tie of stone crushing equipments and makes the continuity and automation come true, which improve the efficiency and reduce the labor intensity. According to its operating principle, structure features and way or direction it move, or other series of characters, conveyor equipment is divided into many kinds, of which belt conveyor is most widely used.

Belt conveyor is one well-adapted and widely-used conveying machinery and it is widely used in transmit massive and granular materials. Of course end products can also get transmitted with this machine. Because of its high efficiency and low consumption, belt conveyor is not only used in short distance and frugal transmission but also in long distance and large-batch transmission.

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