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Hammer crusher

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Hammer crusher is suitable for mid-hard and light erosive materials, whose pressure resistance strength is no more than 100Mpa and humidity lower than 15%, such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, blocks, limestone, etc.

ZY is one of the modernized Hammer Crusher Machine  manufacturers and suppliers. Our hammer crusher is immensely popular for its robust quality. This crusher manufactured by us gives high output with low power consumption. Furthermore our hammer mill is easy to operate as well. 

Hammer Crusher   is a economical unit designed for general all-round work for time saving operation. Most often, the only changes necessary are of Screens, hammers and liners. This crusher machine has been designed for the mining industry. ZY makes this crusher robust and extremely reliable. 

Maintenance & Operation

Hammer Problems 

Hammer Crusher  of the hammerhead is a major consumption items. After the replacement, was found driving vibration intensified, spindle bearing will cause damage or coupling phenomenon. Hammer short life cycle. 

Hammer solution in the use of the process in accordance with the current situation to the inverted eye on time, over months, until the replacement of the new Hammer, Hammer should be replaced on the scale that, then the average is divided into several groups (usually three groups or 4) , Equivalent to the weight of each group, otherwise it is easy drive from vibration, as in the hammer at a casting error, so the weight of each hammer is not the same. Usually there are parking opportunities to check with the hammer of the screen between the screen of the screen, and the space between, if necessary, adjust, and to replace the screen of the time. 

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