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High-frequency induction smelting machine widely application-GANDONG MINING EQUIPMENT

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High-frequency heating function for rapid heating, of all the metal such as: iron, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, tin, gold, silver and so.

1, hot forging press industry --- the whole forging, forging, pressing local bit.
2, welding, brazing, all kinds of metal products, copper pipe welding (welding cutter blade in the cable manufacturing industry can be used for steel lap welding).
3, heat treatment, quenching, annealing, tempering of metals; especially the local processing (in cable manufacturing industry can be used for sheathing material and metal tape stripping).
4, smelting, casting, metal smelting, laboratory small smelting.
5, other applications - powder coating, plastic, metal implant heating oil (in cable manufacturing industry can be used for wire extrusion cushion steel oil, impurity).

Comparison of the three, the application of traditional hot melt glue machine and high frequency welding.

High frequency induction heating machine, which belongs to the high frequency dielectric heating installations. Between the electrodes will produce the equipment after the cable core arranged in the ladle, AC current flow direction is curled into a circular conductor (usually brass), the resulting magnetic beam, strip longitudinal wrapping cable cores through the copper tube, magnetic beam will be through the strip, induces eddy currents in the magnetic beam from capture orientation (rotation current), induction time, due to the resistance strip the Joule heat is generated (1 sq R), enable the rapid temperature rise, this is the induction heating. This can be heating the strip at the non-contact condition. (the heat of Joule heat and the heat generated by the hysteresis loss, but mainly due to Joule heating.) When the steel by high frequency heating, the surface of polyester film strip heat melting, lap steel using the adhesion to polyester film, steel lap water blocking effect. The outer sheath is directly bonded with polyester film, not only increase the bonding strength of steel and the outer sheath, and remove the cable steel ladle film, hot melt adhesive frequent problem.
According to the YD/T901-2001 core network with fiber optic cable and cengjiaoshi communication outdoor optical cable standard requirements.

Bonded jacket (containing 53 type outer sheath) aluminum (or steel) with peel strength and lap overlap between aluminum and polyethylene (or steel) peel strength between should be not less than 1.4N/mm, but in the aluminum (or steel) with the following by filling or coating compound water resistance, aluminum (or steel) with joint without numerical requirements.
Four, the high-frequency induction heating machine advantages, characteristics

The machine has the advantages of high frequency induction heating:
1, can be heated rapidly: compared with other methods, in seconds can be heated to the required temperature.
2, local heating: heating strip only, melting the surface of polyester film heat through the strip, no damage to the other components of the fiber optic cable.
3, energy saving: in addition to outside working hours, only standby power can, very reasonable.
4, can be run automatically in a relatively stable temperature: if not skilled production personnel to operate, and can guarantee the normal operation of equipment.
5, the green environmental protection: does not produce harmful substances.
6, according to the quality, heating time, heating temperature of the object, to adjust the output frequency.

High frequency induction heating machine:
1, all solid-state IGBT frequency and function of regulating, double control and automatic frequency tracking technology of soft switching resonant, high reliability is guaranteed;
2, super small volume, save 10 times the production space for customers;
3, high efficiency and energy saving, the whole power range, power factor and high power efficiency;
Automatic tracking ability to adapt to 4, broadband 30-80KHZ frequency, without debugging;
5, 100% full load, 24 hours of continuous work;
6, constant output voltage / constant output power control function;
7, frequency, power, voltage and current of the display.

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