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6-s Shaking table common faults and maintenance

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6-S Shaking table in their daily work performance more stable.  However, in actual production methods due to lack of proper maintenance and replacement parts improperly installed and other factors, so prone to some general questions. Most of these problems the lack of inspection and maintenance of the actual user experience, thus affecting the normal production processing plant causing unnecessary losses. 
I plant production based on ten years experience in sales and product feedback.  Summarizes the daily 
6-S Shaking table prone to problems and solutions for customer references.

First, could easily lead to abnormal noise shaking the main part as follows: 

①, 14 - large pulley ②, 5 - sway bar ③, 9 - spring ④, 7 - eccentric shaft ⑤, 6 - bracket ⑥, saddle-shaped base support board feet shake the box 

Second, inspection methods and countermeasures

1, for large pulley

Down to check a hand to turn the large pulley, pulley if you feel there is a large gap, then the large pulley did not install stable. This easy to produce in the actual production abnormal noise.

Solution: find a thin scrap of skin or a little hacksaw small tin, stuffed into a large pulley key yard (commonly known as pin), then tighten the screw next, and then check the gap is eliminated.

2, the sway bar

Down to check, first remove the elbow next to the two boards, with one hand hold the first large pulley, the other hand to swing sway bar, under normal circumstances, only more difficult to swing, not swinging around.  If the contrast is not fixed then the sway bar to live. 这This species is not easy to produce in the production of abnormal noise.

Solution: Tighten the screw rod shaking.

3, for the spring

Check stands. Walk to see whether there is the phenomenon of spring. Such as spring distorted or eccentric, etc.

Solution: hit with a hammer spring, so that we can force the spring.

4, for the eccentric shaft

Also check stands. Stabilize the large pulley with both hands, back and forth, feeling active or if a mechanical gap, then the eccentric shaft not fixed.

Solution: Tighten the 6-S gearbox oil seal cover two small screws.

5, bracket

Power check. The big thumb with one hand and neutrons were the child to the two elbows touch the board (be sure to safety check), I feel if the gap.

Solution: adjust according to the actual gap of the screw on the spring screw. If sent to tighten the point, if too tight to loosen point.

6, the saddle-shaped base support board feet of four

Check stands.Take a look at four gusset in the right position, such as whether the box is shaken, there is another check box will be blown to the side wall of rock.

Solution: Adjust the support plate position to the right place.


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