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Copper-molybdenum ore

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Associated with copper-based copper-molybdenum ore molybdenum porphyry copper deposit  exist in nature, produced in the porphyry copper deposits in the Copper accounts for about two-thirds of the world's copper reserves.
 Porphyry copper deposit is characterized by: low-grade ore, often accompanied by birth molybdenum, generally copper 0.5% ~ 1%, molybdenum 0.01% ~ 0.03%, embedded in fine particle size cloth, mostly for Disseminated ; reserves, large, large-scale processing plant. Porphyry copper deposit in the copper minerals, mostly chalcopyrite, followed by chalcocite and other copper minerals less.Molybdenum minerals are generally molybdenite. Porphyry copper deposit of copper is not only an important resource, but also an important source of molybdenum, often occurrence with rhenium, gold, silver and other rare expensive elements.A feature of porphyry copper flotation process
Most of coarse concentrate regrinding stage of re-election of sorting process: namely, coarse grinding (50% ~ 65% -0. 074mm) under the conditions of Cu-Mo mixed roughing obtained coarse concentrate regrinding (90% ~ 100% -0. 074mm), further selection.

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