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Magnetic iron ore

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Magnetic iron ore

China has proved a major iron ore deposits can be divided into nine major categories. Anshan-type iron ore is the most important iron ore deposits, accounting for about 50% of total reserves.
Metallic mineral ores with magnetite-based, followed by hematite, siderite; gangue minerals are: quartz, chlorite, amphibole, mica, feldspar and calcite. Jingtieshan-type iron ore are mainly distributed in China's northwest Gansu province, the main metallic mineral ores mirror iron ore, siderite, etc. symbiotic valuable mineral barite.Gangue minerals are mainly jasper, iron and dolomite.
Panzhihua Iron ore is a type associated vanadium, titanium, cobalt and other elements of magnetite, its ranks of China's iron ore reserves, total reserves of the second place.Main metal ores containing vanadium and titanium minerals are magnetite, ilmenite, sulfide in order to mainly pyrrhotite. According to the different iron minerals, industrial of iron ore are: magnetite stone, red iron ore, brown iron ore, siderite iron ore and mixed ore (magnetite, hematite, a mineral mix , titanium magnetite stone, copper-magnetite stone) and so on.
Magnetite MagneticStone Magnetite Stone is a high school mesothermal contact metasomatic ore deposits, this ore dressing the most effective method is magnetic separation, a typical separation process as shown.The sorting process with a paragraph or more dry-type magnetic sorting, Sec crushed or broken bits products, as a sub-preparation work before the election.
Dry magnetic separation is mainly coarse-grained tailings discharge and access to further deep selection of products.Select product for further deep-or three paragraphs finely ground by the Sec, Sec, or three paragraphs further wet magnetic separation, was the final concentrate product.

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